The easy way to bring companies, doctors, and representatives together

InstaRep is the one-stop application for coordinating between medical companies and their representatives in the field.

The Best Parts

Knows Your Needs

Developed specifically for the medical industry, InstaRep knows the challenges faced by organizations in the field and provides tailor-made solutions.

Easy to Use

Create schedules, organize information, and see room for improvement and direct your representatives where they need to go quickly and efficiently.

Instant Updates

Receive real-time notifications about where your reps are and how they are doing. When an order is placed, you will know about it immediately.

Uniquely Tailored

With an adaptable and easy-to-use interface, settings can be uniquely tailored to accommodate the needs of businesses of all types and sizes.

the Medical Industry

InstaRep offers medical companies the ability to track, schedule, and follow-up with their representatives in real time, promoting efficiency and cutting back on wasted time.

Be notified of the progress of company reps in real time, track what meetings they have attended and where they are scheduled to be for the rest of the day. Find out how those meetings went with consistent tracking reports.
Effectively organize the schedules of your reps by sending them first to clients who have already requested a visit, and then find out through push notifications how that schedule is being implemented to get orders for your business.
Find out immediately when an order has been made by your reps, and follow-up on its progress directly from the app, tracking each step from processing to final delivery and client feedback.

How It Works: Download and Login

Start the process by downloading InstaRep and installing it on the smartphones of your representatives.

The app works on both Apple and Android, and information moves seamlessly between different platforms.

Once installed, login is easy with a uniquely generated username and password managed by the home office.

How It Works: Online/Offline Mode

InstaRep is designed to keep your personal life separate from business and includes an online/offline switch for reps.

While online, information will be generated and sent in real time, allowing for instant tracking of business activity.

Once the working day is finished, simply switch to offline mode and the tracking is disabled.

How It Works: Visit Management

Every time reps go online they are notified of upcoming visits including information regarding location and client history.

After visits have finished, reps will then input the results of the meeting into the app which will then generate a report.

Reports are then sent to management, which can take further action or suggest scheduling an additional visit in the future.

How It Works: Order Management

Whenever an order is received, either during a meeting or through the app, reps are instantly notified.

Reps and doctors can then track where orders are as they are moving through the process until they are shipped out for delivery.

Once orders have been delivered a further notification will automatically be sent to the rep and the doctor, allowing them to provide feedback.

How It Works: Download

Start the process by downloading InstaRep and installing it on your personal or professional smartphone.

The app works on both Apple and Android, and information moves seamlessly between different platforms.

InstaRep provides updates to the program regularly and automatically and you will be notified once an upgrade is available.

How It Works: Login

Once installed, login is easy with a uniquely generated username and password managed by InstaRep’s customer service.

Both your information and what you provide InstaRep is secure and protected by high-level encryption.

The login system allows for a personalized user experience meaning that you will receive offers, updates, and reports pertaining to your business.

How It Works: Check Your Visit

Once a rep has visited your office, receive a visit summary report and find out what further actions can be taken.

Reports include information such as products discussed, feedback received, and ways that you can follow-up.

Plan ahead for the next visit by seeing the availability of time slots in the area to have a rep pass by as soon as possible.

How It Works: Manage Orders

Once you are ready to purchase a product, easily place an order using InstaRep’s internal system that has your shipping information on hand.

Track the progress of the order during every stage, from initial processing to shipment and find out when it will arrive in your office.

After delivery, the InstaRep reporting process continues asking for feedback on product satisfaction and recommending similar products in the future.

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