Why Google Apps

Introduction About Google Apps

Google Apps is a suite of web-based collaboration software that meets the needs of your small to medium sized business: Gmail; Google Calendar that lets you schedule meetings and share calendars; Google Docs and Spreadsheets for online document hosting and collaboration; Google Sites for team site creation and publishing; and Google Video for easy, secure sharing of video content.


Access from Any Device

Users can access content from multiple mobile platforms like Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and more!

Anywhere, Any Device

Access content anywhere, anytime – laptop, desktop, home, work, mobile, online, offline etc.

Secure & Reliable

Google Apps is designed to provide you with world class security and reliability.

Work Together

Collaborate on docs and presentations in real-time without the hassle of multiple versions or attachments.

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    Kick Off & Project Planning

    Our sales and deployment team will gather information about your current IT environment and goals. We’ll turn this information into a custom project plan to guide us during the deployment.

    Data Migration

    The next step is to move all your old emails, contacts, and calendars to your new Google Apps account. We use a variety of tools to accommodate all legacy systems including: Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, IMAP, and POP.


    A dedicated project manager will be assigned to your account. This will be your point of contact and go-to person throughout your deployment.

    Client & mobile setups

    We’ll provide your users with guides and support to sync their mobile devices and setup any clients with their new Google Apps account.

    Setup and configuration

    We begin by customizing your Google Apps account to your specifications and creating your users. This can optionally include setting up domain aliases, groups, nicknames, send as and reply as addresses, etc.

    Integration (optional)

    eDigits will additionally setup and integrated other complementary applications such as Google Message Discovery or Backupify as needed.

    Mail switch

    Based on our project timeline, we’ll plan a date to switch your mail service from your legacy system to Google Apps. From this point forward all of your new mail will come to Google Apps.


    eDigits offers a variety of training options including one-on-one admin training, webinars, and guidebooks.

    Dual Delivery (optional)

    Set up and provision your domain for pilot testing of Google Apps without disrupting your existing mail service. With this service, pilot users receive email in both their existing and Gmail mailboxes.


    Always there when you need help. We offer premium tech support from our Los Angeles-based staff for anything from resolving complex technical issues to setting up a new user’s mobile phone.

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