Android Apps

Did you know there are around 17 million Android apps being downloaded every day? Is yours one of them? In a short span of time this powerful and variable Operating system (OS) has gained a lot of attention from various development companies and application developers.eDigits is well equipped with the expertise to deliver the most striking and innovative Android applications.


Custom Android Apps

Breaking through the Android application development companies’ clutter DuLeaf stands proudly as an industry leader.

Custom Hardware Acceleration

Android is a rather flexible application development platform that allows Android application developers to customise an application based on the hardware the application is being designed for. There is a high potential for Android application developers to manipulate the various capabilities of the platform to their advantage. 


Gaining Through Experience

Having a team of skilled Android apps designers and developers we are your one stop solution for Android app development. Given our expertise in developing breath-taking app experiences, you can be sure your Android app will be a success..