iPad Apps

When it comes to iPad application development, a distinctive advantage that we possess is our long standing relation with Apple and the iOS platform overall.


Custom App development

iPad application development at eDigits is not just about optimising iPhone apps. We take time out to cater to the iPad specific features such as the retina display, gyro-meter, accelerometer, compass etc. Making use of iPad specific features makes the app experience even more exciting for the user.

Leveraging the iPad Features

Our apps for this revolutionary device are high on aesthetics and technical excellence. We ensure that our apps are not only worthy of your business, but also fit perfectly into the functional and visual ethos of the iPad. 


Get Creative

The iOS platform allows application developers to show their true colours working at their full creative mode. Developers at eDigits find new and innovative ways to deal with everyday iPad app development issues while remaining within the iPad app development boundaries as set by Apple Inc.

An array to choose from

When it comes to app development, iTunes store has loads of applications to offer, with the introduction of iPad and iPad mini users now have an array of applications to choose from. Give your customers the iPad advantage..